Environmental Impact Statement

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Gladstone-Fitzroy Pipeline project can be downloaded using the links below.

Due to the nature of the information in each chapter, the files can be quite large. If you are having trouble downloading the EIS, please contact the project team on 1800 771 185 and request a free CD copy of the EIS.

Summary of Major Findings
Summary of Major Findings (5Mb file)

EIS Chapters
Chapter 1– Introduction (10.5Mb file)
Chapter 2– Project Description (15.7Mb file)
Chapter 3– Climate (5.6Mb file)
Chapter 4– Land Use and Infrastructure (21.8Mb file)
Chapter 5 – Soils and Contaminated Land (7.8Mb file)
Chapter 6 – Terrestrial Flora (6.7Mb file)
Chapter 7 – Terrestrial Fauna (14.4Mb file)
Chapter 8 – Aquatic Flora and Fauna (22.3Mb file)
Chapter 9 – Water Quality and Water Resources (6.4Mb file)
Chapter 10 – Air Environment (6.2Mb file)
Chapter 11 – Waste (5.8Mb file)
Chapter 12 – Noise and Vibration (2.5Mb file)
Chapter 13 – Transport and Access (8.9Mb file)
Chapter 14 – Cultural Heritage (3.8Mb file)
Chapter 15 – Social and Economic Environment (4.2Mb file)
Chapter 16 – Hazard and Risk (9Mb file)
Chapter 17 – Visual and Landscape (14.4Mb file)
Chapter 18 – Cumulative Impacts (500Kb file)
Chapter 19 – Sustainability Assessment (3.7Mb file)
Chapter 20 – Planning Environmental Management Plan (6.3Mb file)

EIS Appendices
Appendix A – Terms of Reference (316Kb file)
Appendix B – Public engagement report (29Mb file)
Appendix C – Development approvals (188Kb file)
Appendix D – Property Line List (160Kb file)
Appendix E1 – Soils and contaminated Land (4.8Mb file)
Appendix E2 – Terrestrial Flora (2.2Mb)
Appendix E3 – Terrestrial Fauna (272Kb)
Appendix E4 – Aquatic Flora and Fauna (324Kb)
Appendix E5 – Noise and Vibration (588Kb)
Appendix F – List of proponent commitments (180Kb file)
Appendix G – Potential impacts on matters of National Environmental Significance (2.2Mb file)
Appendix H – Study Team (144Kb file)

EIS Chapters
GAWB has prepared a Supplementary Report in response to the submissions received from stakeholders regarding the Gladstone-Fitzroy Pipeline Project’s EIS. The main purpose of the Supplementary Report is to formally address and respond to issues raised in submissions about the EIS. The Supplementary Report also provides an opportunity for GAWB to clarify project information and provide further details or changes made to the project in response to the issues raised in submissions. Changes to legislation that have occurred since the release of the EIS are also addressed in the Supplementary Report.

The Supplementary Report has been provided to the Coordinator-General for his consideration while preparing his evaluation report for the project’s EIS. Once complete, the Coordinator-General’s report will be sent to the Australian Government's Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA) for consideration as part of the Department’s final assessment of the project.

Click here to view the Supplementary Report (15.5 Mb file)

Click here to view the summary of the Supplementary Report (1 Mb file)

If you are having trouble downloading these files, please contact the project team on 1800 771 185 and request a free CD copy of the Supplementary Report.