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Fact Sheets

Project Update 4 - September 2009 (636kb file) NEW!

Developed to give an update on the Environmental Impact Statement, land acquisition, project timing, the Cultural Heritage Management Plan, the Fitzroy River weirs project and dam levels.

Project Update 3 - November 2008 (PDF 1.4Mb file)

The Project Update is designed to keep you informed of all activities and milestones associated with the Gladstone-Fitzroy Pipeline and includes information on the project’s EIS.

Project Update 2 - May 2008 (PDF 1.3Mb file)

Included in the Project Update is information about GAWB’s continued preparations for the Gladstone-Fitzroy Pipeline despite recent rainfall, triggers and timing of the pipeline construction, information on the environmental approvals process, a diagram of the pipeline and its associated infrastructure, route and site selection update and information about the region's water catchments and storage capacity.

Project Update 1 - December 2007 (PDF 1.5Mb file)

Included in this Project Update is information about GAWB’s revised Drought Management Plan, the recent release of the final Terms of Reference for the EIS, route selection progress, Early Contractor Involvement, community consultation and baseline studies.

EIS Terms of Reference
The Department of Infrastructure released the final Terms of Reference for the Gladstone-Fitzroy Pipeline’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on 30 October 2007. Click here to view the final Terms of Reference.

Water Strategy
The Central Queensland Regional Water Supply Strategy was initiated in response to prolonged severe drought in Central Queensland, from which it became evident that a regional, whole-of-government approach was the most efficient way of meeting the water supply challenges.

The strategy is an adaptive, long-term statement, outlining equitable and timely solutions to the urban, industrial/mining and agricultural water needs of the Central Queensland region. Through a tailored, regional approach, the strategy has been designed to achieve optimal social, environmental and economic outcomes for the region. The strategy area, covering 153,000 square kilometres, includes Queensland’s Fitzroy River Basin and the coastal streams of the Capricorn Coast and the Gladstone region.

Water Plan
GAWB’s Strategic Water Plan (2004) looked at the full range of possible options, from desalination, to demand management, to new dams and weirs. The Gladstone-Fitzroy Pipeline was identified as the preferred option, taking into consideration environmental and social impacts, reliability and quality of supply, and cost.